The seed fallen among briars are those who hear, but their progress is stifled by the cares and riches and pleasures of life and they did not mature. The seed on good ground are those who hear the word in a spirit of openness, retain it, and bear fruit through perseverance. Luke 8: 14&15

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Five Minute Friday

Katie Montaung blogs at Heading Home. She is host to Five Minute Friday where she gives us a prompt word, and we write about it for five minutes. Today's word is-

The first thing that comes to mind when I see this word is a dog. Now don't get me wrong or feel sorry for me, I have many human friends who epitomize the word loyal and I would hope that they think the same of me. But really now, all of you dog-lovers out there know this; one cannot find more loyalty than in the unconditional, joyous, tail-wagging, sloppy-kissed greeting from your dog every single time you return home. No matter how long you were gone, no matter if you are exuberant or down-in-the-dumps, no matter if you have treats or not, your dog will make you feel like the most popular person on the planet. They don't care if you are fat or thin, rich or poor, yellow or red. They simply love you for existing in their world. They never judge. We like to think we don't either, but it's human nature that has thoughts about others slipping unconsciously like a lightening bolt into our thoughts before we can stop them. Dogs will protect you with a fierce loyalty, giving their life for you if necessary.

I think God had the most fun creating them, knowing what a great gift He was giving us.


Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop

What could be better than enjoying a great cup of coffee and knowing that you're helping stand for life at the same time?!  Well, now you can! My good friend "Skipper" John Lillis found a way. He founded The Lifeboat Coffee Co. They not only make the best coffee on the planet, but he donates 10% of all proceeds to Pro-Life organizations!

My personal favorite.

Until recently "Skipper" John filled online orders, but now in addition to a virtual coffee shop, he is  in the process of opening the first Lifeboat Coffee shop in the Phoenix Arizona area. For those of you that live close, stop in and support his new endeavor. The shop is located at-536 E. Dunlap  Phoenix, AZ  85020    602-315-2498

Lifeboat Coffee sells a variety of sizes and blends, also K-Cups. Subscribe for monthly deliveries so you never run out! or check out Lifeboat Coffee's Facebook page-Lifeboat Coffee Co.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It's Worth Re-visiting Wednesday

Make sure and visit and hostesses of It's Worth Revisiting Wednesday   #worthrevisitingwednesday